1. To get started in the Where Much Is Given community, first order your cards for free from the site. There are three ways to pass out the card. First is to think, ponder and pray as to how you might be directed to find someone in need that you can do something nice for and attach the card with the act of kindness. Your act may be totally anonymous and heartfelt or very personal. The Card will help the person receiving the gift to not just accept it, but to keep the chain going with this one card and “DO SOMETHING” themselves to help another. The ultimate gift is not to just give, but to teach another to give.
    2.  Write down ten of your close friends or family that you know would accept the challenge to accept the card with an explanation of the concept. Encourage them to pass out one card a week and see how their generosity and giving will be returned to them tenfold.

We have prepared a form that you can fill online and print it here.

If you prefer to just print a list form, or just download it to your computer, you can access the file here.

  1. Get involved in our social media platforms via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help spread the word. WhereMuchIsGiven has a Fan page where you can get daily updates and inspiring quotes to help keep you motivated in your new desire to give. We are also on Twitter @wmuchisgiven. On YouTube you can find videos from our activities and events. Follow us and link yourself with others that share the same passion. The links for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to can be shared via email. Tweets and blogs are also available to educate the public about  The Card.