The idea of serving or doing acts of kindness is not new or original. The Where Much Is Given Foundation has developed a unique and original concept to help facilitate those who are looking to create more experiences in their lives that give them the ultimate reward for doing something great. Changing the life of another by serving them can have dramatic consequences to not only the receiver, but for the person giving the gift as well. As you embrace the concept of giving a card a way each week, you will see your life change as you become a source of light and direction for all those who interact with you. You will be a leader and others will follow. Leaders have generous hearts and are always looking to pick someone up that has stumbled. We ask you to accept the challenge of giving a card away each week and testing the ultimate human experience.

Many acts of kindness happen every day. The difference with The Where Much Is Given Foundation is we encourage you to post these stories as you give or receive the card. The stories have proven to be an inspiration for those struggling to have the courage to accept the challenge of passing out the card. The stories are for others to read on a daily basis to be uplifted by so much good happening amidst the chaos of our daily lives. Most people believe that posting their acts of generosity are self serving and against the concept. We challenge you to appreciate that your story, if published, could be the difference for someone else that is struggling to share. It can give someone a new idea or the confidence they are looking for to step out of their comfort zone.  All of the experiences on the site are shared anonymously and have no hidden agenda or sense of  self aggrandizement.