Buy a friend dinner
Buy a stranger a meal
Send a dessert anonymously to a table
Leave a large tip
Buy drinks
Send a random table a free appetizer
Buy a gift
Send someone flowers
Send an anonymous gift basket
Send cookies
Send eatable fruit arrangements
Buy someone popcorn
Buy someone’s movie tickets
Anonymously pay for a family’s bowling
Leave 5 cards and tell the worker you’d like to pay for the next five customers
Buy someone a gift card
Make a donation to your favorite charity
Buy a massage for a friend
Send someone to the spa
Pay for a strangers manicure/pedicure
Pay for a friend/anonymous dry cleaning
Pay for a friend’s cable
Pay someone’s rent
Buy a child a toy
Pay for someone’s gas
Pay for someone’s groceries
Buy a round of golf
Pay for someone’s postage at the post office
Pay for someone’s parking
Buy a ski pass for a stranger
Buy a book for a friend
Pay for an oil change
Send someone a pizza
Gift tickets to sporting event
Send someone to a concert
Gift tickets to a play
Buy a weekend getaway for a couple in need
Give care packages to the homeless


Non-monetary / Service

Visit a hospital
Song a song for someone
Bake a cake
Make a dinner for someone
Make cookies for someone
Make a dessert for someone
Open a door
Say hello
Give a hug
Give a kiss
Ask someone to dance
Write a letter
Send a heartfelt email
Spend quality time with a friend
Read a child a story
Play a game with the elderly
Visit the elderly
Mow a neighbor’s lawn
Weed a friend’s yard
Plant a flower
Clean someone’s garage
Take in a neighbor’s garbage can
Help someone load their car
Stop and help change a tire
Give someone a ride
Invite a friend for a walk
Volunteer to babysit at no charge
Throw a dinner party for neighbors you don’t know
Introduce yourself to a new move in
Help someone move
Tell a superior how great a coworker is doing.
Leave an uplifting note on a car windshield
Shovel neighbors snow
Give your coat to someone in need
Teach others how to give
Thank a police officer
Express your gratitude for a teacher
Take the fire department a treat
Salute a service man or woman and treat them to a night out
Thank a school principal for their hard work
Thank your boss for your job
Paint a picture for someone
Color a picture with your children to give
Express gratitude to your doctor
Walk a neighbor’s dog
Wash your friend’s car
Clean neighbors windows
Rake a neighbors leaves
Write a friend a poem
Play an instrument for someone
Share your testimony
Write a song for a grandparent
Play a game with the handicapped
Offer to return a shopping cart
Carry stranger’s groceries
Donate blood
Serve at the shelter
Fix a strangers car
Organize a visit to the prison
Let someone go in front of you in line
Be a mentor
Pick up garbage
Be a friend to the friendless
Organize a service project